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Based on a father-son vision, Factory Warranty Services Inc. doors opened to the public in 1997 in Elkins, West Virginia. The company prides itself on its family-centered values. This is best exhibited by its many donations to local non-profit businesses and schools, including stock donations and providing services and labor free of charge. The 21st century has created many opportunities for Factory Warranty Services Inc. and we are currently West Virginia’s largest factory authorized service center. Through our location in Elkins, WV, Factory Warranty Services Inc. provides factory authorized service for all major consumer electronics manufacturers. We are an HDTV repair specialist that provides in-home and bench service in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio. For more information see our “Service” link. Factory Warranty Services Inc. is the answer to all of your service and repair needs. With our certified, professional technicians and friendly customer support staff we provide you with a service experience that’s second to none over our 5 state service area!

Factory Warranty Services Inc. is a Factory Authorized Service provider

Address: 1066 Harrison Ave, Elkins, WV
Tel: (304) 636-7555
fax: (304) 636-1333


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